Qantas Centenary – 100 Years of the Spirit of Australia

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Visiting as a Group

Bookings are essential for all group visitors.
Schools and children's groups (e.g. Scouts, OSHC and vacation care groups or homeschool networks) are offered a visit itinerary, devised by a Group Booking Officer.
To book your visit and generate an itinerary, complete the online booking form on the page below.

Please view the Planning your school or group visit page for the booking form and helpful advice for coordinating group visits. 

Recommended adult:child ratios for group visits are as follows
1 adult per 3 - prep; 5 - primary; 10 - Yr 7-10; 15 - Yr 11-12

Pre-booked lunches are available from Cafe Muse for groups.

More information available soon.