Qantas Centenary – 100 Years of the Spirit of Australia

Free entry 

About the Exhibition

Discover 100 years of Qantas – the ‘little bush company’ that changed life in Australia forever. Meet the people who, through grit and determination, took Australia to the world and brought the world to Australia. Experience an unprecedented look into Qantas’ present-day operations and get a glimpse of the exciting future of aviation.

Qantas Centenary – 100 Years of the Spirit of Australia opening dates are to be announced. Level 3 at Queensland Museum. Free entry.

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Visiting with Children

The Qantas 100 kids' trail is designed for families to experience the exhibition together. Explore wonderful, curious aviation objects from the past. Help ground crew contain an escaped crocodile loose in the cargo hold, via a high-tech interactive game. Have fun in a replica 747 First Class Lounge from the 1970s. An exciting learning experience for everyone to enjoy.


Step into the shoes of the Qantas founders as they travel from Longreach to Darwin in a Model T Ford in 1919, via an immersive object theatre show. Experience the romance of the Empire ‘flying boat’ era, when Australia’s first international airport was located in Sydney Harbour. Take a trip back to the 1970s to witness fabulous Qantas uniforms, outrageous advertising and the ‘Qantastic’ soundtrack. See the physical and emotional effects of long-haul flight with an augmented reality interactive. Experience a futuristic aircraft seat made entirely of wool.

Exhibition Highlights

  • Scrapbooks of Fergus McMaster, Qantas co-founder.
  • An interactive recreation of Qantas’ current Integrated Operations Centre.
  • A futuristic aircraft seat made entirely of wool in collaboration with Woolmark and Qantas designer David Caon.
  • A replica 747 First Class Lounge from the 1970s.
  • A look at the effects of long-haul flight via an immersive interactive experience.

Did you know?

  • In 1993, Qantas flew dinosaur fossils around Australia as part of the ‘Great Russian Dinosaurs Exhibit’. As thanks, a newly discovered Australian dinosaur was officially named Qantassaurus intrepidus.
  • Qantas Freight recently helped 34 critically endangered baby loggerhead turtles return home to Exmouth after they were found washed ashore along the south-west coast of Western Australia.
  • In 1965, Jack Grant, Qantas Operations Safety Superintendent, invented an inflatable aircraft escape slide which could also be used as a flotation device if the aircraft landed on water. The escape slide is now mandatory safety equipment on all large commercial aircraft.
  • A uniform designed by Yves Saint Laurent was unveiled by Qantas in April 1987, marking the first-time women flight attendants had the option of wearing trousers on board.
  • Prior to 1954, all Qantas flights offered one class – First. Studies of airfare prices show that it’s 60 times cheaper to fly to London today than it was in 1947.